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how does it work?

Echo is an app fueled by communities around short video-clips (waves). We aim to connect you with like-minded people across the globe, and allow you to unleash your creativity. We want you to share what you love to do, and see what you’d like to do.


Watch videos (waves) and dive into the community around it. Swipe right to like, swipe left to move on to the next wave!


A wave caught your interest? Echo back with a video! Use our video editor  and your creativity to add your personal twist!

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What are you passionate about? Do you like to dance? Are you a drawing master? Record it and share it with people like you!

This is only a Mockup. Echo App will look differently.


Grasping the moment

rio subway moves

Jake is a street performer who sometimes unleashes himself in the subway. With Echo, he can share short clips and connect with street performers and other sport enthusiasts all over the world! Here, he is showing a move that he invented.

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soccer tricks

Mark uses Echo to share some of his soccer moves. He doesn't only want people to view his moves, but he wants interaction! So he's asking people to share their craziest trick streak. He'll not only get inspiration, but socialize with cool people all over the world!

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Our mission

We believe in a new way of thinking about social media. In an era of mass information, our mission is to allow content creators and social media users to browse inspiring content, and to exchange ideas amongst people with the same interests.

meet the team

Caner is a highly enthusiastic engineering student at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He is experienced in project management and business development. Recently, he founded the Tsinghua International Blockchain Association.

Cris is his fellow classmate. He is experienced in UX/UI design and was raised in both Germany and China. His eye for design has brought many great ideas to Echo.

Seif is currently pursuing his 2nd Master's degree in Milan. He is an avid spokesperson and a talented team member when it comes to design questions.

Canelia currently is the mind behind Echo's content. She is finishing her studies in Business Administration in Beijing and is making sure that the team doesn't forget about the business aspects and market perspective of Echo.

Sean is an all-rounder who finished his studies in Germany and China and is currently involved in the UX and Tech of Echo. His interests include App development, networking and machine learning.